8 Ways to Maximize your Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that makes it relatively easy for people to raise funds for creative projects. This platform focuses on creativity and its primary goal is to bring creative projects into existence. With Kickstarter, you can create a funding campaign for a creative idea or project you want to launch.

Raising money to fund your idea is “relatively easy” because it requires more time and energy to create, maintain and manage a Kickstarter campaign. To improve your odds of raising money for your project, there are some essential tips you need to follow to get the most out of your Kickstarter project, they include:

  1. Proper research on the cost of production and market demand
  2. Get your network active
  3. Create an attractive video
  4. Ensure your rewards are simple and easy to understand
  5. Use multiple images with high quality
  6. Be active on social media
  7. Keep your supporters up to date
  8. Use press releases


Do your research

    1. Before you launch your campaign, ensure you have researched your project thoroughly. You can ask yourself the following questions before you initiate your campaign:

What is the cost required for the project?

This will help out with the rewards.

Can you identify the important needs of your goal?

Have it in mind that Kickstarter is all or nothing; this implies that you earn nothing if you don’t meet your funding goal. You may get nothing if your goal is too high or may not be able to fulfill commitments to buyers if your goal is too low.

How much time is needed for the campaign?

Your campaign can hold for 60 days or less. However, shorter campaigns are more successful than longer ones.

Do similar projects to what you have in mind exist?

If similar projects are up already, you should pause until their campaign is over and pick a lesson or two from their campaign. Setting a $70,000 goal for a shoe project when the highest funded shoe project secured only $50,000 may not be sensible. Similarly, your project may not be successful even if a similar project raised a lot of money.

Reach out to your personal network

Ensure you reach out to your friends and family before you launch your Kickstarter campaign. We all know someone who knows someone, getting them informed about your project can help create awareness about your idea. Ensure you have their email addresses and notify them once the campaigns begin. However, ensure not to provoke your family or friends about your project.

Create an engaging video

Your video can attract the attention your campaign requires. If your video does not create a good impression, they tend to lose interest. Ensure your video is easy to digest and describes your project effectively. Your video length should be two minutes or less. According to a report, only 40-50% of people get to see your video, and they will decide to support your project within the first minute or so. Above all, tell a nice story and have fun in the process.

Ensure your rewards are easy to understand

Ensure your rewards descriptions are brief and straight to the point. Inform people about what they will get and when they will get them. If they are to select from a list of colors, ensure you guide them on how to choose in your FAQ. Your rewards should be moderate. A campaign with 20 rewards hardly works. Instead, give 8-10 rewards depending on your project’s price point; this will give room to introduce more rewards during the campaign.

Use multiple high-quality images

Ensure you use images with high quality and high resolution during your campaign on your blog post, social networks, and press releases. Also, if any print media are interested in your campaign, they will ask for high-resolution images (at least 300 dpi).

Engage on social media

Creating a strong online presence is essential for a successful campaign. Ensure you create your profile on top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Before you launch your campaign, ensure you build your online presence to have a large fan base. Build your profile with the right links, information, and graphics. Brainstorm contest ideas to increase your engagement with winners getting your product or some type of free swag.

Utilize updates and your backers

Create periodic updates. You will not get a list of emails when an individual supports your project. Therefore, you have to use updates as a means to communicate with your audience. Use updates to keep your backers informed when you hit a benchmark, create new rewards and connect backers to your social network. Your backers are your biggest advocates because they are interested in your idea or project. Use them to grow your network on social media and make it easy for them by including short pitches they share on social platforms.

Use press releases

Many Kickstarter projects use this service to drive huge traffics to their campaign. partner with a public relations agency that can create rich contents can distribute well-written press releases during the course of your campaign. You should know that running a successful Kickstarter campaign is an everyday job with supporters coming from all over the world with different questions they need answers to. Ensure you are prepared mentally and physically for the campaign and employ the steps mentioned to increase your possibility of succeeding.