Setting Up a Kickstarter Landing Page

The key to success when launching a Kickstarter? A good Pre-launch marketing strategy. In other words, your Kickstarter marketing strategy kicks off before you launch your campaign.

Kickstarter Pre-launch Marketing efforts

Every user hopes their first day on Kickstarter is a success. Being popular is essential; the probability of your campaign being promoted on Kickstarter and listed as a priority on the site is dependent on the number of supporters you get on your first day. This implies that your campaign will be more visible, attract others and gain more support. Before you launch a campaign on Kickstarter, I recommend you consider the following marketing efforts.

Your landing page

Unless you have been completely distracted from the rest of the world like a mad scientist, then there is a possibility you have been creating awareness about your game to people who want to listen. Letting people know about your game before it comes to existence is a nice idea, provided that you can direct your interest towards action. Creating a landing page is the best way to achieve this.

A landing page is a simple site that can help you drive the necessary traffic towards your campaign. The URL should be simple and attractive, something like Before launching a Kickstarter campaign, your landing page helps promote your campaign through a collection of email addresses. Your landing page should connect users to your Kickstarter page during your campaign. Once your campaign is active, your landing page can serve as your online store.

 What to Include on your Landing Page?

Simplicity matters, keep your page as simple as possible; there is no need to have an inbuilt java flash game on your page. All you need is a single page with an attractive headline, descriptive product text, a call-to-action and a great brand design (very essential).

  1. Use an attractive header that will spike curiosity in your viewers and motivate them to keep scrolling through your page. You can sell your ideas and inform users on what your game can do for them through this platform.
  2. People want to see your game! that’s the primary aim for them coming to your page. Begin your page by informing your audience about your game mechanics: the time required to play, the number of players needed, how to win, and how to play. Ensure your viewers know about all the features included in your game. You can create a good rapport with your viewers by offering a downloadable print and play version of your game.

Getting your visitors involved in building your game through a local playtesting event or a Google Hangouts event is another good way to build a community. Allowing people to participate on time is essential, it keeps them interested and motivated to donate later on. You can make the participation process easier and fun for viewers through polls or a march madness type bracket to choose characters for your game.

Other Website Elements Not to Overlook

See your landing page a pre-launch for your Kickstarter campaign, thus, ensure you include social media buttons, reviews, and events you will be attending on your page to enable people to meet you in persons on your page.

  1. A Call-to-action (CTA) informs your viewers on what you want them to do or what is required of them. Don’t underestimate the power of asking a user to subscribe to updates. Nevertheless, you are better off copying and pasting CTA. You can use ” Enter your email for a chance to win a free game!” but don’t forget to include *will only receive after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The essence of you creating a landing page at this point is to capture emails, therefore, ensure your “enter email here” box is the first thing users sees when they visit your site. You can decide this feature appear in multiple positions on your site, however, make sure it is visible. Finally, ensure you make it as easy as possible for users to sign up, eliminate every form of stress or barriers such as asking users to provide additional information.

  1. Your website design can create a first impression, it can make people happy or sad, but what it should do is build a good relationship and trust with your viewers.  Have you visited a site that’s old-fashioned? you lose interest and exist quickly for fear of catching a virus. Therefore, building a well-designed page is crucial.

A design that reveals the content (mood and art) of your game or shows what your game is about is vital, it helps viewers recall or identify your project when they see it somewhere else besides your website (for instance, on Kickstarter).

Landing Page Design Elements

Although many websites have information on what a good web design is, I recommend you consider the elements listed below:

  • Simplicity is vital, keep your design as simple as possible. Ensure your site is easy to use and avoid complex navigation by providing all important information on a single sliding page.
  • Your color scheme should be moderate; keep is simple. A simple white background can serve you but have in mind that you cannot select another color.
  • White space can help users stay focused as it highlights content and positions in a beautiful way.

If your game designer cannot come up with vector images for your site, you can hire a professional Kickstarter marketer to create a web page that’s worth your money and builds trust in your viewers.